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Sicily and the Amalfi Coast 2019

Tuesday March 26

After a good flight we land in Naples and head directly to Sorrento. The landscape is beautiful to explore and we celebrated the first mass of the pilgrimage in the Cathedral of Sorrento

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Wednesday March 27

Today we travel to Pompeii. We celebrated mass together and it's cathedral and then we had time to explore the ruins of the ancient city destroyed by the irruption of mount Vesuvius in the year A.D. 79

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Thursday March 28

Touring the Amalfi coast. Mass in Amalfi.

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Friday March 29

We traveled by plane today to Catania inSicily. After visiting their markets and Cathedral it was on to Taormina

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Saturday March 30

We spent the entire day in the old world city of Taormina. We celebrated mass in Saint Catherine's church. We had much free time to stay for her own exploring.

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Sunday March 31

After a trip to Siracusa for morning mass in its Cathedral dedicated to St. Lucy we explored the city center and then headed to Agrimento

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Monday April 1

Today we explored to Valley of the Temples near Agrimento. After lunch in the city it is on to Palermo

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Tuesday April 2

We travelled from Palermo to nearby villages of Erice and Monreale

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Wednesday April 3

Today we walk the streets and markets of Palermo and celebrated our last mass together at the Cathedral

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Thursday April 4

Our travel day home