The Basilica Parish of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary :: A Roman Catholic Community in the Heart of the Hamptons

Supporting our Parish
Ways to Give to the Basilica Parish of the Sacred Hearts

We hope that you find Sacred Hearts to be an important part of your life of faith and worthy of your stewardship. We are a small year round community and this maintenance of this beautiful church and its many ministries are made possible by the year round support and special holiday generosity of each of you. We are grateful for your generosity. If you would like to learn about other opportunities to support us please consider the following:

Become a Registered Member
or Friend of the Basilica.

You are welcome to make Sacred Hearts your home parish and if you already belong to another community we would be happy to include you in our membership as a Friend of the Basilica. Visit:


Online Giving :: Become a First Fruits Contributor

One of the challenges faced by Sacred Hearts is the constantly changing pattern of giving over the course of the year. Summers, with many visitors are strong. Winters can be difficult. Storms, vacations, and active lives take people away for weeks or months. First Fruits is our new program of automatic giving which insures that even if the weather is poor or people are away our church receives a constant and planned level of support. If you would like to become a first fruits parishioner please Click Here.


First Fruits PayPal

Sacred Hearts is now able to receive weekly, monthly, or yearly contributions using your paypal account. To set up a regular contribution to Sacred Hearts in this way please first select your preverences and then click the Donate Button. You will be transfered to Paypal where you can Login to complete your First Fruits Paypal regular donation:


How often would you like to contribute?
How many times would you like this to recur? (including this payment)
Enter Your Donation Amount



Other Programs of Giving

Support the In Nomine Domini Fund

Our In Nomine Domini fund was established to preserve, restore, and develop the beauty of our basilica church. In 2014-2015 parishioners contributed over 1 million to the fund which will be used to update the heating, add air conditioning, renovate the pews, and build rest room facilities. If you would like to join this effort please make your check payable to SHJM In Nomine Domini. These funds are only used for the basilica church.

In Nomine Domini Gifts

Suggested Givign Levels

  • In Nomine Domini: $5,000 - $10,000
  • Stewards: $1,000 - 5,000
  • Supporters: $250 - $1,000
  • Friends: $1 - $250



Summer Appeal and Christmas Appeal

In Midsummer, at Christmas, and at Easter we invite parishioners to take part in a special ministies appeal. We relay on your generosty, especially at these times of the year, to give year round support to Youth Ministry, Parish Social Ministry, and Religious Education. Thank you for supporting these ministries of our parish.

Summer and Christmas Appeal Gifts

Suggested Givign Levels

  • Sacred Heart Circle: $15,000 +
  • Basilica Circle: $10,000 +
  • Pastor's Circle: $ 5,000 +
  • 1908 Circle: $2,500 +
  • Benefactor: $1,000 +
  • Patron: $500 +
  • Friend: $250 +
  • Fellow: $100 +
  • Supporter: Up to 99